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Tinhvan Consulting – A 6 years path found vi

In August of a wide range of landmard anniversaries of the nation, all members of the Tinhvan Consulting Joint Stock Company) have a chance to enjoy with restless and loving feelings to witness the 6th birthday of the Company.

In the evening of the 29 of Aug/201, the 6th birthday party of the Tinhvan Consulting is held in a very warm and solemn atmosphere at the Pepperonis Restaurant addressed No 13 Huynh Thuc Khang Street. The party is joined by Mr. Nguyen Huy Cuong – Chairman of Board of Management, General Director, executive board and all staffs and officers of the Tinhvan Consulting.

In addition, the party is also witnessed by Tinhvan Group and members companies including Tinhvan Telecom, Tinhvan Outsourcing and Tinhvan Solutions.

At this party, Tinhvan Consulting is given a chance to remind of the history of establishment and development for last six years and participants have a chance to listen to stories, true feelings shared and told by Nguyen Huy Cuong, Tran Tien Thinh, Dinh Hong Son and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoan. These figures have a long service working together in the Group and they were and are following Tinhvan Consulting towards a future of much more efforts and development of the Company.

The 6th birthday party of Tinhvan Consulting is ended with a ceremony of awards grant for the “6 year-old congratulation! My room is the best!” contest. The contest is held in a series of other events decorating for the birthday party of Tinhvan Consulting and it is a chance for all staffs and officers of the Company to show off their creativeness in an ettempt to turn their working office into a more colorful and beautiful room. As assessed and selected the best decorating and most miticulous room, the ERP room of business solution won the award “The most beautiful room” and became the champion of the contest.

The Party is rather simple but very warm and everybody is actually impressed with much more good feelings afterthat. This is the happiness and joy with good achievements and efforts for a future development and growth or unforgettable old memories remaing in each individual. Howver, above all, this is a very closed and unbreakable relations built by hard working and enthusiasm persons who have tried their best, day by day, to buil Tinhvan Conslting today.

Once more, congratulation on Tinhvan Consulting for a more and more powerful development and growth!

Tinhvan Consulting Joint Stock Company is established based on their manpower, financial resources and brands of the Tinh Van Group.

As a partnership of a wide range of world leading information technology groups, Tinhvan Consulting is one of the Vietnamese pioneer providing consulting services for execution of business software  -Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); consultancy of securities solutions; and supplies, consulting and execution of HiStaff, a No 1 general manpower management solution in Viet Nam.

Joined by group of qualified and experienced consultants through projects in Vietnamese large-scale enterprises, Tinhvan Consulting ensures to supply and give his customers world advanced solutions, which comply and conform with Vietnamese law system and business environment.