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Tinhvan gives business spot bonus for “sprint” period 11-12/ 2020 vi

In the middle of December 2020, 3 centers under Tinhvan Holdings (TVH), namely Tinhvan Digital, Tinhvan Education, Tinhvan Solutions simultaneously successfully “closed” the orders and received an equivalent spot bonus rate under the additional regulation on “Spot bonus Mechanism in Quarter 4/2020 for Sales employees of TVH”.

The above regulation was issued on November 4, 2020 to promote the completion of the 2020 plan during the sprint period of November-December 2020 and has immediately shown its efficiency. This is the period when the Sales departments of the units are put under huge sales pressure and need more “motivation” than ever before. As a result, after a month of issuing the new regulation, the units have continuously achieved remarkable achievements, thereby taking important steps on the journey “Towards the Finish Line of 2020”.