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Officially founded on the 20th of July, 1997 as a Network Experiementing Laboratory (Netlab), Tinhvan Technologies Jsc. has been through 25 years of growth and development. With the passionate and united management team, professional pool of employees, unique coporate culture, stable growth history, Tinhvan has always been recognized as one of the leading names in the IT field, especially the areas of software and digital content of Vietnam.
With 03 founding members at its early time, Tinhvan Group has now 2 member companies and branches in HCMC and Japan, with the total number of more than 300 experienced, creative, skilled and well-trained employees. With the professional and friendly business manner, Tinhvan has always been receiving the high level of recognition and satisfaction from its partners and customers.
Fields of operations
  • Software Development
  • Software Outsourcing
  • IT and Consulting Services
  • Digital Media and Mobile Marketing
Tinhvan have been awarded with recognized prizes for it’s achievements in IT field in Vietnam in many consecutive years from 2002 to 2022 such as Sao Khue, IT Golden Cup, Top 5 ICT, HCMC IT & Communications Award, Recognition by Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications, Recognition by Office of the Government, etc… Tinhvan’s products and services have always been granted with highest prizes from Vietnam Computing Association (VCA), HCMC Computing Association (HCA), and Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa).
The management team and each and every person in Tinhvan commit to the continuous efforts, intelligence and creation utilization, united strengths to bring customers with satisfaction and outstanding values via perfect products and services, and to become the leading organization in the era of globalization and international trade.